Oriya Supported

Added support for Oriya to Narayam extension. Currently added schemes for Oriya are transliteration and InScript. Subhashish Panigrahihelped to fix the issues in transliteration scheme. I think more issues may come later, as they want more tuning on it. Oriya translator at translatewikican use this schemes to help their contributions. Since its creation to just before Oriya Wikipedia was less active. Shiju Alex is helping to build a community there. After Oriya typing feature active, I hope, more Oriya people will show their interest in the project, as the one major barrier has bee solved.

Sinhala In Narayam

Yesterday (2011/03/01) I added two Sinhalese schemes, Singlish and Wijesekara, to Narayam. Now there available at translatewiki. Thus Sinhalese people can contribute more translations without depending on third party tools. There are minor issues in Singlish scheme implementation since it is a phonetic one. Hope those issues can be fixed soon.

Narayam on Translatewiki

Few days before I added Naryam, an extension that helps to add various input methods to Mediawiki installations, to Mediawiki subversion repository. Then Roan Kattouwrewrote most of its code to use new ResourceLoaderintroduced to Mediawiki and jQuery. Also Roan made it to load input methods conditionally based on content language and current user p referenced language. So now it has better code structure and efficient working. Then Gerard Meijssenproposed it to have at translatewiki.