Multi Script Write and Text Decoder

I have created a tool, originally it was developed to help me in developments going on to add writing tools for different Indian language Wikimedia projects, now I publish it for public as I think it would be useful for somebody in someway.

  • It will help you to write different scripts for different languages and each script can be written in more than one way, like transliteration, InScript, etc. Some of the script writing schemes are not yet complete, it will gradually become complete. More languages will be added later. You can write specific script in specific scheme by selecting from the listbox given top of the page. Once you select a writing scheme it will dynamically load rules for that selected scheme from the repository.
  • You will be shown with codes of characters you write on the filed. Codes can be set to show in binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal.
  • It helps you to decompose complex ligatures (combine form of more than one characters). Most of the indian scripts contain different ligature forms.
  • Some Unicode script writing system use hidden character to combine characters forcefully or to prevent characters from combining. ZWJ, ZWNJ and ZWS are examples for these type of characters. Sometimes these type of hidden characters might have been added in unwanted positions, this occurs most probably by mistake or bug in the software that you used to write the script. This tool shows them if exist.