Curious to know what make my site? Here it is.

The Design and Functionalities

The site is designed and coded myself. PureCSS is used as front-end framework, mainly for grid system.

The site is designed in a minimalistic way for easy reading and not to have any clutters. Lighter font weights are avoided concerning about the accessibility of the site, despite I thought it would be a bit more stylish when used. No Google Fonts or other webfonts are used. For User Experience (UX) on mobile phones, the site is granted with 100 out of 100 points by Google PageSpeed Insights1

The site is completely static except comments and contact form. Disqus has been used to collect comments and Flipmail for contact form. Other than Disqus comments, no other JavaScript based functionalities are used, except on specific tool pages which helps to accomplish certain tasks.

Content Management

I am running my own site since 2009. Not remembering exactly which month was that. Initially the site was using Wordpress. Then I switched to Jekyll, a popular static site generator, on October 2015. Then wrote a new static site generator myself in Node.js named as Stagen and switched to it. I wrote it when I found Jekyll is not enough for my purposes.

Now I switched to Hugo because I am not getting enough free time to add further features in Stagen.

Hosting - VPS by Digital Ocean

Now this site as well as my blog are hosted in a VPS by Digital Ocean. Previously, I tried GoDaddy, BlueHost and a free hosting by XtreemHost (when my budget was limited).


I am using a self hosted Piwik installation instead of Google Analytics. So Google will not be tracking you when visiting my site!

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